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Date of Event : 16.04.10

Orvault Visit

Visit to Orvault, Friday 24th May to Tuesday 28th May 2013

This year it is Tredegar Twinning Association's turn to visit Orvault and arrangements have made made to travel out to France on Friday 24th May and travelling back on Tuesday 28th May. Visitors will be guests of the French families and staying with them at their homes. Activities/outings have been arranged for the duration of the stay. If you are interested in going with Tredegar Twinning Association please contact Lynne Price Tel: 01495 725507.

Mayor's Blog 2013/14 - Diary of his visit

Tredegar Town Council and Tredegar Twinning Association will be welcoming visitors from Orvault from 16th April 2010.

A Civic Reception is being held at Venue 1 in Tredegar to commemorate the long standing twinning history between our towns. At a later time during their visit there will be a tree planting ceremony at Tredegar Comprehensive - the tree will be a gift from Orvault.