September News

September News

September News

  • Town Council Mayor
  • 9/12/2017 10:49:41 AM


On Wednesday 20th September 2017, Tredegar Town Council held a Presentation evening to recognise those individuals who serve their community and make the town of Tredegar a special place to live. Each recipient received a Welsh slate clock that is a replica of the face of Tredegar’s famous Town Clock.

The first award went to Roger Thomas in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the youth of Tredegar and his community work. Roger was instrumental in establishing the Glanhowy Youth rugby team and went on to serve with the Welsh Rugby Union Youth team. On accepting his award, former Councillor and head teacher Roger spoke of his enjoyment of working with young people because they are the future of every town.

The next award went to Howard Morris. Howard was previous recognised for his service to Trefil RFC but on this occasion, he was recognised for his support of Tredegar Town Council’s, Walk for Life in aid of Kidney Research Wales. Howard lost his wife to kidney failure and witnessed on a daily basis how the need for dialysis impacts on patients lives. Ever since, Howard joined by many of his family, have taken part in the Council’s annual charity walk. On receiving his award, Howard thanked the Town Council and paid tribute to all they do, unpaid, for the town and its residents.

The next awards went to Dr. A.U. Khan, and Dr. A. Ahmed Dr. Khan came to Tredegar in 1978, as a GP. He moved into the town and has served the community for nearly forty years. Even since retiring, he has stayed on to look after his patients until a new service can be established. Dr Khan was nominated by the Council as token of appreciation of his service to the town and the community of Tredegar. On accepting his award he said that he only came for six months and ended up staying for 40 years because he enjoyed the people and the town so much.

Dr. Ahmed left his position as a surgeon at Nevill Hall Hospital to serve Tredegar as a GP, bringing his skills to the practice. He too continues to serve after his retirement to ensure his patients received continuation of health care. Dr Ahmed was nominated for his service to the town. On accepting his reward he thanked Dr Khan for his invitation to join him in General Practice. He also spoke of the friendliness and generosity of the people in Tredegar recalling one winter when he slipped on a snowy path during a house call. Later that week the patient made an appointment to see him, there was nothing wrong but they just wanted to give him some slip-guards for his shoes to prevent him from falling again.

Both doctors were also presented with commemorative plates of Aneurin Bevan, The Architect of the NHS.

Headwork hairdressers recently won Hair Salon of the Year – Mid Wales at Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards. Members feel it is important to recognise and celebrate achievements from local businesses in the town centre.

Jordan Davies owner of JDs Barber won the title of Barber of the Year at the NHF Welsh Hairdressing Championships which took place at Cardiff in May. Jordan came first in the style competition, then came second in the cut and style round but most importantly he went on to win the title of Welsh Barber 2017. Jordan started up his business just 2 years ago and has a loyal cliental attracting customers into the town from a wide area. However he was not just recognised for his award winning achievements but also his support of a young man with Autism who is also partially blind. He spends one day a week in the salon with Jordan giving respite for his family but also spending some time enjoying banter with people of his own age.

The Council recognised Jade Lapping for her fundraising efforts. Jade has raised over £14,500 for charities including Latch, Mia the Princess Warrior and Jacob from Essex, who has neuroblastoma. Members consider Jade a worthy recipient, as she does this selflessly while raising her own young family. On receiving her award Jade spoke of her compassion for children battling cancer and doing anything she can to make their situation better.

Dean Twaite, was nominated for the work he does at Ysguborwen and the Sirhowy area litter picking and making the environment clean and tidy. He thanked the Council for the recognition and also congratulated fellow award winner Jordan for the work he does in the community.

Tommy Weed was nominated alongside Dean for all his hard work undertaken in the Sirhowy ward. Tom is a community champion and whilst he helps Dean with his litter picking he also acts as an advocate for people living in the community working closely with elected Members and other partner organisations speaking up for the community and members in our communities who are less able to do so themselves.

Rio Weed has had substantial success over past fifteen months in the field of Rhythmic Gymnastics. She won Gold at Under 12s Novice Welsh Championship with her Hoop Routine, Silver at Under 12s Novice Welsh Open Championship and Silver at Under 12s Star Cup Championship where Rio had to perform all three disciplines – ball, ribbon and clubs. Most recently selected to represent Wales in the rhythmic groups. Rio was nominated for her dedication to her sport and as a role model to others.

Lindsey Wangiel is a teacher at Deighton Primary School.She recently won the prestigious Welsh Teacher of the Year award and is now representing Wales in British finals. Lyndsey is Tredegar born and attended Georgetown Primary and Tredegar Comprehensive Schools. On receiving her award she paid tribute to Mr Gough her head at Deighton, fellow school staff and pupils.

Last and certainly not least was the award to Barbara James, former Post Mistress at Ashvale Post Office. She worked behind the counter there served for 58 and a half years firstly as counter staff and then talking over as Post Mistress. She has recently retired and members of the Council would like to thank her for her service to the community.

At the conclusion of the presentations Cllr Tommy Smith said, ‘It really lifts your heart to see all the dedication and good will in our town. All this commitment and dedication make Tredegar a much better town to live and be part of.’

Click here for photographs from the evening.



Harvest Festival is always a special time in the village of Trefil when the chapels celebrate with a beautiful Flower Festival. The two small chapels in the village always devote a great deal of time and attention to their harvest services, perhaps this is due to their rural location and their familiarity with the farming community.

This year an amazing array of floral display will filled Horeb Chapel with the theme of Heart with all proceeds going to Welsh Heart Foundation.

Members of the chapels would like to thank everyone who is sponsoring a display and if you would like to sponsor one please call Alyson on 07944881333.

In addition to supporting this charity, there will be a collection of dried and canned food for the local Food Bank. The chapels would like to thank all the pupils of Bryn Bach Primary for their continued support of this appeal.

We are also inviting local children to make some salt dough sculptures and they can be dropped off at 11.00am on Sunday morning.

The harvest services take place on Sunday 1st October at 6.00pm where John Davies will be officiating; On Monday at 2nd October at 7.00pm Peter Jones be leading the preaching service; and on Tuesday 3rd October at 7.00pm here will our family service. A warm welcome is extended to everyone.



In August, Tredegar Town Council added to the number of Defibrillators available in the town when they donated they latest piece of equipment to Fresh Active in the town centre. The Fresh Active gym opened in April and is open 6.00am to 9.30pm throughout the week and 8.00am to 4.00pm on Saturdays and until 8.00pm on Sundays, so is an excellent location for this latest piece of life saving equipment.

A few years ago and Tredegar Town Council were pleased to support Mike Morgan’s appeal to locate 2 Defibrillators in the town have since located a further six, one in each of the schools in the town. The council recognised the importance of having a network of defibrillators throughout the area and decided to purchase the equipment and supply the necessary training to all of our local schools.

Their commitment was recently recognised by One Voice Wales when they were presented with an award for Local Council Service of the Year in their Innovative Practice Awards 2017.

When she presented the Defibrillator to the gym, Town Mayor, Cllr Jacqueline Thomas added, ‘the safety of everyone is of paramount importance to us and this network of equipment is making Tredegar a safer place to live, exercise, shop and visit.’ Liam Jenkins co-owner of Fresh Active added, ‘we are going to take the necessary training to become first responders so we will be able to run to the aid of anyone in the town centre seven days a week.’ Presentation photograph viewable on Flickr



On 3rd September 2017, Tredegar Town Council raised the Red Ensign flag at Bedwellty House in Tredegar for the first time. The Council recognise the enormous contribution the Merchant Navy made during both World Wars and continues to make today.

While many people know that the 3rd of September 1939 marked the outbreak of the Second World War, few are aware that it also marks the first major British maritime casualty. The merchant vessel SS Athenia was torpedoed just a few hours after hostilities were declared with the loss of 128 passengers and crew.

Although many hundreds of merchant ships and thousands of seafarers would meet the same fate in the years to come, the 3rd September is now enshrined as ‘Merchant Navy Day’ to honour the brave men and women who kept our island nation afloat during both World Wars, and now even during peacetime continue to face the more routine perils of violent storms and mountainous seas.

The Red Ensign, or ‘Red Duster’ as it is affectionately known, has been the recognised flag of the British Merchant Navy since 1854. It has become inextricably linked with the world-wide trade links that made the United Kingdom’s fortune in the intervening years and, while there are now fewer ships on the home register, many thousands of British seafarers still work on the oceans of the world, underpinning the vast majority of the international commerce that keeps our economy buoyant.

Town Mayor, Councillor Jacqueline Thomas said, ‘By volume, 95% of our trade comes by sea; without it, we would surely become an insignificant island off the coast of Europe: but the majority of today’s large ports are high security operations, often miles from town and city centres. Many young people know little of ships and seafarers, and fail to appreciate their absolutely vital contribution to our way of life. I strongly believe that a visual demonstration of the debt we all owe to merchant seafarers past and present should become an annual feature of our town’s calendar.’

Photographs from the day are viewable on Flickr


Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council Patients Voice News Bulletin Issue 31, April - June 2017