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May News

May News

  • Town Council Mayor
  • 5/12/2020 8:04:58 AM


Our Town Clock stands proudly in the heart of The Circle and, following a quiet period, Tredegar Town Council arranged for the repair of the hammer and bracket, which needed replacing.  Built in 1858, the iron Clock tower is a symbolic reminder of the town's existence and growth due to the production of iron; however, due to its’ considerable age, occasionally problems will arise.

Tredegar Town Council, who own and care for the Clock, are in regular contact with Smith of Derby, our specialist clockmakers who built the original timepiece and continue to maintain this historical structure.  The Town Council identified that the timepiece was currently not striking accurately each hour and reported the issue promptly.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, Smith of Derby was unable to respond at that time.  The Clerk receives regular updates in respect of the Company’s ability to respond to requests for an engineer to visit to address any concerns and has been informed that, although restrictions have been eased slightly, Smith of Derby are still in a position of furlough.  At the moment they are working behind the scenes and planning a staged return for their clockmakers; and the Company are also aware that the latest travel information throughout Wales remains only to travel for essential reasons.

It is anticipated that the Company will, hopefully, be in a position to return to full operational capacity in approximately four-six weeks.

The only option, at this current time, would be for the Town Council to take the decision to close down all operation of the Town Clock, but is reluctant to take this course, as it is unclear if this action could cause further damage to this Listed structure.

Tredegar Town Council are deeply disappointed with the current situation but endeavour in all its undertakings to strictly adhere to Government guidance in respect of Covid-19 restrictions and the health and safety of the community of Tredegar is of the utmost importance.


Keep safe and healthy 🤗❤️


Gwent Police on the lookout for new Police Cadets.

Gwent Police is looking for young people to become Police Cadets. The fantastic opportunity is open to  14-18 year olds. It helps young people to meet new people, learn new skills and volunteer for Gwent. Cadets learn about the Police and the law and play a vital role in community events, engaging with members of the public and educating them on crime prevention.

For more information visit: