February News

February News

February News

  • Town Council Mayor
  • 2/4/2020 12:42:20 PM



Tredegar Town Clock stands proudly in the heart of The Circle, and following a quiet Christmas, it has regained its voice and is chiming loud and clear again. Built in 1858, the iron Clock tower is a symbolic reminder that the town's existence and growth was due to the production of iron, and it was built to ensure all the workers got to work on time. Being this old comes with its own problems and the hammer that has been striking on the hour, every hour, for 161 years was in urgent need of repair.

Tredegar Town Council, who own and care for the Clock, called in Smith of Derby, who built the original timepiece and have been caring for it regularly ever since. They found that the bracket supporting the original hammer was damaged and fabricated a new bracket, as the origin cast iron bracket was beyond repair. Dave Longdon of Smith of Derby said, ‘the bracket holding the hammer was made of cast iron and was part of the structure of the Clock. Cast iron cannot be welded so we have fabricated a new bracket to support the hammer and added new springs. We need to take extra care as it is a listed structure, but we are used to this as we deal with thousands of clocks across the UK including the one on St Paul’s.’

With the bracket and hammer fully repaired, Tommy Smith, Leader of Tredegar Town Council said, ‘I am delighted to let you all know that the Clock is back in good voice and will be striking on the hour every hour again. The responsibility of looking after the iconic town clock is something that doesn’t rest lightly upon us. We take great care of it as it is the symbol and heart of our town. We are about to repaint the structure so, before long, it will look as good as it has ever done in its lifetime.’

Local residents, Brian and Susan Meredith said, ‘It’s really lovely to hear the Town Clock again. We’ve missed it striking, when we are out on a walk you don’t need to check your watch, we just listen for the Clock and we know when it is time to head home.’

Lee Monroe of HR Dept said, ‘I’ve just opened my business in The Circle and it is great to hear the Clock striking again. It’s only when it’s not working that I realised how much I missed it. I live in Market Street and rely on the reminder to get my children to school on time.’

Sarah Baker runs Seren Café in the Circle added, ‘people love coming to my café and sitting in the window, watching and listening to the Clock, while enjoying a ‘paned o dê’. We’ve all missed hearing the ‘Cloc yn taro’r awr’.

Pam Powell a resident of Market Street said ‘I really missed the Town Clock chiming, it is so quiet without it. It’s my morning alarm, keeps me on time through the day, makes sure I’m never late for chapel and even keeps me company through the night if I cannot sleep. It is in safe hands with the Town Council. I trusted them to do what was needed to be done and am happy now it’s striking again.’