August News

August News

August News

  • Town Council Mayor
  • 8/14/2017 9:53:58 AM


Tredegar Town Council wishes to provide the following explanatory statement, as a result of concerns raised by the community on a social networking forum.

A Member was approached by a Business Forum representative in respect of the Classic Car Event and advised the lady to write to the Town Council. Members needed to ascertain what support was required in order to assist the Business Forum in organising the event for 2017 - it was agreed, therefore, that the Business Forum representative be invited to the Civic Meeting of Council on 7th June, 2017.

The Business Forum representative informed Council that, potentially, the event would not go ahead this year, as she was unable to dedicate the time needed and there were no other active members in the Business Forum. The representative said that, from her own perspective, she would be willing to take a break for one year and take up the mantle again the following year.

Organisational arrangements requiring attention were as follows:

  • Enquiries - time was needed to take control, monitor and chase up issues
  • Correlation, updating paperwork and printing – printing of advertising materials (flyers and posters) and programmes
  • Road closures and stewarding
  • There was a gap in vehicle provision - a new ‘bus contact’ was needed, as she had received concerns the previous year in respect of lack of vehicles in the vicinity of The Circle / Castle Street
  • The representative highlighted the event did not increase retail, as the type of people attending did not intend to shop, thus benefitting the cafes rather than the retail trade - the cafés had shown no interest in assisting with the organisation however
  • The only date available in the Classic Car events calendar was the Bank Holiday weekend

Tredegar Town Council has assumed responsibility for the Road Closure Order each year, submitting the necessary application to the Local Authority and meeting associated costs, since the inception of the Classic Car Event in Tredegar in 2014.

Council wished to support this event, in any way possible, but recognised that such commitment had to be two-fold in order to build momentum. It was suggested that perhaps the organisers of the Classic Car events for Brynmawr (Brynmawr Motor Club) and Ebbw Vale (Ebbw Vale Business Forum) could be contacted to assist, as the Business Forum representative had confirmed she was not covetous of the event.

Tredegar Town Council formally agreed to support the organisation of this event and it was further agreed that the Town Council meet the expenditure incurred in respect of the Special Event Road Closure Order; the Clerk to complete the application and return to BGCBC.

The Clerk contacted Local Authority Members - Councillor Phil Edwards who was Chair of the Ebbw Vale Business Forum, and Councillor Wayne Hodgkins, who would liaise with the Vintage Car enthusiast hosting the Brynmawr Classic Car event. Unfortunately, neither group was able to provide help for the current year but would be happy to assist in the future.

It should be noted that the Classic Car Events in Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr are not organised by their respective Town Councils, being independently hosted events, and would not in any circumstance replace the Classic Car event as held previously in Tredegar. 


Commercial Street Walkway

The second phase of repainting the Walkway between Commercial Street and the main town car park is anticipated to commence the third week of August with expected completion by the end of the second of September (all weather dependent). There may be times during these works when this access will be closed to members of the public therefore we apologise any inconvenience.